When you purchase from Sworn to Serve know you are representing those three words.

The MISSION for Sworn to Serve is to create fun, hardworking, nation pride-filled products that instill our three tenets and are proudly repped day-in and day-out, building pride in country.


The VISION is to build partnerships through this brand. Partnerships with our customers as we build designs that are proudly worn and partnerships with other companies/foundations that are out there believing in similar values. We are supporting our 1st Responders and military communities through scholarship and program donations (see home page "Giving Back"), and we will continue to look for more opportunities to give back.

Sworn to Serve is an active duty member-owned & ran company with 14 years of commitment to our great country to date. Est. 2020, we are grateful for your support & excited for the future! #SwornSquad


LOYALTY to our country & what it stands for. Loyal to the men & women to your right & left that have sworn to serve & support defending the Constitution of the United States of America. Without loyalty, there is no trust & working in the environments that we do, this is crucial. There is an expectation that you will show up & be ready to give your best.


LIBERTY that we must continue to fight for. Fighting for the freedoms that our country was founded on. Always moving forward together...never backwards. 


CAMARADERIE that is consistently built through hard work. This special bond is created on your teams, squads, shifts, or whatever group that you work with. There is a healthy level of competition that stirs among you and brings out the best in everyone when camaraderie is present.